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Five stars all the way
Amazing Ear 202 - F1 6 ct TW in 18 yellow gold. I am so satisfied with the product, great quality and good customers service. I have bought many pieces from this site. Moissanite is a great alternative to diamonds. Very sparkly and elegant. I bought mostly the F1 just slightly whiter than FB but also great. Buy here you will not be disappointed. I only used this site . Well trusted.
Geraldine Gavrilovic
Wednesday 21 June, 2017
It is incredible how this stone refracts light! I see purple, green, white, orange, all in one glance. When I sent my family a photo from my engagement before I got an up-close photo, several of them asked if I had an opal or pearl ring because it refracts so much light that it almost looked solid white with some added colors. It's incredible - I can't say that enough. I keep looking at it and am mesmerized. I can't think why any woman would want a dull diamond after seeing how crazy moissanite is.
Tuesday 13 June, 2017
Delighted customer
I have just received my engagement ring and I couldn't be happier, I was a little hesitant as I wasn't sure how the stone would look when set but I couldn't be happier. I had a specific design I wanted and the customer service couldn't have been friendlier and more accommodating with all my questions! I've received so many compliments on my ring and I will definitely be ordering my wedding band from here too.
Ashley beaton
Thursday 08 June, 2017
Great service, beautiful jewellery
This is the second time I've ordered rings from this site. And both times I have been more than happy with the quality of the work and just how beautiful all the jewellery has been. My latest order was Wed661 in white gold. Chris was absolutely wonderful to deal with in first choosing an ideal setting and then guiding me through the process of having my original Moissaniteco stone set into this setting. Production and shipping were so much quicker than I expected and the rings themselves are just amazing! Thank you so much!
Tanika Burchmann
Wednesday 07 June, 2017
Just received my eng481b-FB 8x6mm ring. I am so in love, I can't stop staring at it. I have gotten so many "I love your ring" comments! So happy with my purchase, the ring is just beautiful!
Wednesday 31 May, 2017
I just openedm my 2.5ct 4 prong trellis earrings. WOW! Was the first comment out of my mouth. My earrings are stunning. Absolutely beat my expectations. I am so happy. Chris helped me with all my many questions. I had first ordered moissinite stud earrings from another famous mail order company and immediately sent them back due the poor quality of the gold setting. I was sure it would bend and break in no time. I will continue to order from you in the future and refer you to my friends!
Karen Roche
Friday 26 May, 2017
Extremely Satisfied
I purchased a loose H&A Round stone because I am going to have the setting custom made. I wanted the best and was kind of bummed because I couldn't read the certifications for the H&A stones in advance like the other certified stones, but I paid my $100 extra thinking I might get an F / SI stone and was prepared to return it if I didn't get a well-graded stone; but I received a D / VVS1 stone and it is absolutely beautiful. It will be NOT be going back. THANK YOU
Kate Davis
Tuesday 23 May, 2017
I just received another custom order ring and I am just so happy with the design and the quality. I will continue to purchase from this wonderful company because the service is Amazing and the Jewelry is Outstanding!
Christine Kiser
Wednesday 17 May, 2017
That is the best word to describe how I felt when I opened the box containing my new jewelry. When my husband told me that he he wanted to upgrade my wedding ring, I immediately began looking for the perfect ring and setting. My husband gave me a budget but I just wasn't satisfied with the diamond options I saw and to be honest, I have always felt a moral and ethical objection to diamond mining. I kept seeing this stone, moissanite, popping up in my research and visually, I could not tell the difference between a moissanite and a diamond. My husband was skeptical, but I was convinced that a moissanite was a better option, both financially, and ethically. I found this site through my research and started following them on Instagram. Although I thought the jewelry was beautiful, I was hesitant to purchase from this site because I'm a cautious spender in general, and especially with large sums of money. Add to that the fact that I only recently heard of moissanite and wasn't sure what I would actually be getting, I was very uncertain about moving forward. But after doing thorough research on moissanite in general and specifically, this company, I decided to take a chance despite my concerns about purchasing a product that I had never actually seen or held. Chris from customer service walked me through the design process and was very patient with all of my questions. I was on pins and needles after the design was approved and could barely wait for my rings to be delivered. I'm absolutely delighted with my rings and earrings. They are beautiful, brilliant, amazing, with more fire and sparkle than any diamond that I've ever seen. I could not be happier and I've received so many compliments on the jewelry. I honestly could not be happier. My only criticism, if I had one, is that because the process is lengthy and everything is done at arms length, a customer service telephone number would greatly improve the process. While the online chat is available, I honestly did not find it helpful since whenever I asked a question, I was told that I needed to email the customer service team. My emails were always returned, but it usually took at least a day to get a response, which is not what you want when you are spending thousands of dollars. In any event, despite this, I would definitely do business with this company again. They have earned my business and my recommendation and I will never spend another dollar on diamonds again! Thank you for a magnificent product. I absolutely love it!
Addie Momyer
Tuesday 16 May, 2017
Received my Ring today eng481c-FB and all I can say is OMG!! This ring is so Beautiful I literally cried .The website doesn't do this any justice it's by far much prettier in person The customer service is the best I've ever received If your contemplating STOP!! you won't be disappointed. Thanks Moissaniteco😘😘😘
Monday 15 May, 2017
Exceptional service, value, and beauty
Customer service is a dream to work with! They put my mind at ease that they would hand select beautiful stones for me. I purchased the stone for my engagement ring and was not disappointed! It is beautiful, bright, and dazzling. We also worked on a pendant necklace as well. Moissanite Co worked with me to custom add a millgrain edge to the pendant to make it unique and it turned out beautifully! So pleased with the pieces I have, and look forward to working with them for years to come.
Saturday 13 May, 2017
Absolutely amazing!
Almost seven years ago my husband bought me the wed435 set with a two carat stone. It was nice, but I couldn't get over the somewhat yellow tone except in blazing sunight or under cerain ligniting conditions. So, we sent back the ring for a reset, 2-carat colorless D-F Forever One Hearts and Arrows. A week and one day later my ring is back and it blows me away whenever I look at it. It's amazing - absolutely beautiful. I swear there are a thousand more facets. Comparing it to my old stone there most definitely a huge difference. Working with Chris is always a pleasure. Craig in customer service is really great, too. Well done, MoissaniteCo! ❤❤❤
Saturday 13 May, 2017
Dream ring
I just received the 1.8 Ct cushion-cut FB and diamond petite cathedral wedding set and am so thrilled with it! The stone sparkles and catches every light. How am I supposed to work when all I want to do is look at my hand? I love, love, love my 14th anniversary ring!
Michelle Ramos
Wednesday 10 May, 2017
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my ring!
I got 8.0mm/6.0mm 3 Stone Wedding Set (4.1ct) Model: wed451n-F1 in Palladium. The matching band was included, and customized so that all stones were Forever One. I couldn't be more pleased. The customer service was incredibly responsive, and helped me by providing sample rings so that I could see what my new ring would look like. I, too, was a little nervous about buying on-line, but rest assured, you won't be sorry. I put it next to my diamond ring and it even sparkles more. It totally passes for real diamond. I really couldn't be more please with the experience.
Kimberly Greer
Friday 05 May, 2017
I purchased the wed660-F1 ring as my wedding set in rose gold. It is absolute perfection! I cannot stop staring at my beautiful ring. The rose gold color looks amazing, the Moissanite stone is flawless, the ring itself is very dainty looking and I love it!!! I was nervous about purchasing a wedding set online but I am so glad I did and I will definitely be a return customer!!!
Nikki D
Thursday 04 May, 2017
Fantastic Service and Fantastic Products!
First, Chris and his staff provide fantastic customer service and excellent workmanship. I have purchased new items and sent old items in for alterations. I have been very pleased. Forever One is fabulous! Forever Brilliant is great to, but F1 is much whiter. FB is a warm hue. F1 is icey hue. The jewelry settings are high quality. The pricing is very reasonable (modest actually comparatively). RoundF1&FB; RadiantF1&FB; SquareF1; CushionF1; OvalF1 are all exceptional!!! PearF1 is beautiful but I wish it were a bit more "chubby". Still have not gotten an Emerald or Accsher yet; but soon. And I am waiting very impatiently for an F1 Marquise. I am very happy with MoissanCo and highly recommend.
Bradley Hartman
Sunday 30 April, 2017
sincere thank you and appreciation
Please accept my sincere thank you and appreciation for all the work you did to make our beautiful moissanite solitare engagement ring. - which is an understatement. After a bit of back and forth and then a last minute switch to a different model, we received the absolutely most gorgeous 4 ct solitaire ring ~ I couldn't be any happier and even now after several months I spend an embarrassing amount of time just staring at it :0) ! It is absolutely beautiful and I will always be grateful your company exists to make dreams like this come true. I cannot recall exactly how I came upon Moissanite Co- but I am truly fortunate to have found your website and all the positive reviews found on your company's website or throughout various wedding forums are ALL TRUE and can be trusted. Moissanite Co is a company of high integrity. Your customer service team is helpful, pleasant and attentive when responding to inquiries. Your designers are excellent and accommodating and you, Chris, were graciously patient with all my inquiries and went above and beyond to resolve any unforeseen issues. I cannot say enough good things about my experience, but I will say I look forward to working with you again to purchase a complimentary band sometime soon in the future. Thank you Chris to you and your team for all the good work you are doing and the many hearts you are making happy! Best Regards, Erin B. & John H.
Erin B
Friday 21 April, 2017
Amazing Jeweler
This is the most amazing jeweler! I recently completed my second purchase (custom ring) with Moissanite Co. and it's the most beautiful piece. The craftsmen ship is remarkable. The customer service is excellent with prompt responses. I will definitely be purchasing more pieces!
Friday 21 April, 2017
Let me chime in on the size issue. If you're wanting an engagement ring or some other piece of jewelry, get the one that pleases you best. Moissanite isn't a fad; it's not an imitation; it's technology. Like a smart phone. Something most everybody will have in a few years. Choosing a smaller stone so your peers will think is's a diamond is just foolish and short-sighted. You're ahead of the curve on this, if you choose to be. So far, we own an sol230-f1 (3 carats), and an sol234-f1 (2 carats). We love them, and the fact that others do too hasn't much to do with it. Get what you want.
Tuesday 18 April, 2017
Be proud of your Moissanite!
The stunning beauty of the new H&A is profound. We researched as much as we could, and time after time I found women advising to stick with a smaller stone to pass as a "natural diamond". The ONLY reason for that is because the average fiancé can't afford a 3c plus ring. The stone is literally TOO flawless to be "real". This is so silly to me. Get the size of your dreams! I have chubby fingers and I'm proud to sport my 9mm H&A enr129. And I will tell anyone willing to ask that I have the equivalent of a 30k ring for 3k. I mean, how neat is it that this flawless stone was found in the crater of a meteor? Pretty romantic if you ask this science nerd. Moissanitco just made sense because the ring designs are gorgeous and hands-down they have the BEST pricing for the same exact quality C&C stones. Other retailers were more than double for the same size/quality stone. Chris worked with my husband to get an incredible ring set. My 9mm is completely colorless--white and glorious no matter the lighting. The loyalty points are an added bonus--already picking out an anniversary band for Christmas. Can't say enough positive things about moissanite and this company.
Monday 17 April, 2017
Seeing is Believing
Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing our three carat F1 H&A stone at a high end jewelry store in Uptown Houston. The jeweler was eager to demonstrate its excellence by a comparison with a $30,000.00 three carat diamond which he indicated was inferior in every respect but hardness. The diamond was magnificent, but his statement to us was that a diamond of F1 H&A quality would retail for twice that price. His moissanite, incidentally, was embarrassingly overpriced. We didn't say so. Thank you Moissaniteco.
Thomas Merriman
Monday 03 April, 2017
Amazing experience!
Despite all of my indecisiveness with my ring, Chris was very accommodating,, my ring is absolutely stunning ! Can't stop looking at it!! Would definitely recommend this company to anyone !
Athena Heathcote
Friday 31 March, 2017
Sol307 engagement ring
This stunning ring only took 1 week to make and two days to deliver (I live in Europe.) they custom made it with gold prongs for no extra price and it arrived even more beautiful than I'd expected. Moissaniteco always answered my questions within minutes whilst I was still deciding on the ring, and overall I'm extremely impressed with the service and the ring itself!
Friday 31 March, 2017
Elegant Tennis Bracelet
My husband surprised me with this stunning 4 prong, 11.9 carot tennis bracelet set in 14kt gold for our anniversary and my birthday. I have always wanted a tennis bracelet and this is absolutely gorgeous! It looks so pretty on my wrist and just sparkles, I can't stop looking at it. You cannot tell the difference between Moissanite and a diamond, I would say they are equivalent. The Moissanite Co. is fantastic to deal with and their service, quality, shipping are outstanding. We will definitely buy from them again. Singed a very happy wife! Kimberly Choi
Monday 27 March, 2017
Received my forever one martini solitaire earrings yesterday. When I opened the box, I was overwhelmed with their simplicity and beauty. They are the perfect size for the ear, 2.5 total carat. The price was excellent - my jeweler couldn't come close to it. Thanks to Chris for all his help throughout the process.
Monday 27 March, 2017
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